Smøla is located in mid-Atlantic Ocean in the region Møre og Romsdal and can be reached by ferry. You can use the ferry from Kiel to Oslo, Hrtshals to Larvik or Frederigshaven to Oslo. The travel time takes about 10 hours. From Hrtshals to Larvik it is about 13 hours.


Smøla is located between Kristiansund and Trondheim. With an area as big as 274 km² it is one of the largest islands Norway's. The coastline framed by a cut archipelago that consitst of thounsands of small islands is purely amazing. The surface is relatively flat. The vegetation changes from East to West. The West side is characterised by low vegetation, that mainly consists of moss, grass and heather. At the center of the island and the East side the vegetation is lusher. The agriculturally usable part of the island is located here is where you can find beautiful forest areas. The island interspersed with inland waters, some of them have great trout stocks. The waters around the island have the best requirements for successful fishing tours. The rugged soil structure of the island continues underwater. There are parts of the waters that distinguish themselves by shoals and by a relatively big tidal differences that cause much movement in the water. Because the West side of the island is exposed to the Gulf Stream, there is an excellent food availability for many fish. No wonder they say that Smøla is one of the best fishing grounds of Norway with the biggest biodiversity. You have great chances of have your biggest catches of our life. Along with flat water zones that are close to the island there are bigger areas with depths areound 200 meters. The cathces of huge sea trouts, especially in Mai and June are remarkable. You should now that we offer you fishng tours with experienced skippers where many record catches were caught.

Smøla is one of the greatest fishing grounds in Norway with extraordinary biodiversity!